Zoom Homo Sapiens Crystal Dream Fountain Pen

Homo Sapiens Crystal Dream Fountain Pen


Contemporary evolution of the iconic Homo Sapiens Bronze, our Crystal Dream is the demonstrator with a unique and irresistible character.


Typology: Fountain pen

Colour: Dark Gray

Material: Lava / Acrylic resin

Size: Over

Nib: Au 18kt (large)

Nib colour: Rose gold

Nib tip: EF / F / M / B / S

Filling Mechanism: Double tank power filler

Type of closure: Bayonet

Metalwork: Bronze


Materials: Of the Homo Sapiens Bronze in this pen we find the material, the metals, the bayonet closure that made it famous and beloved, but it stands out for the transparent tank, which, combined with the lava creates a truly unique demonstrator pen. The double tank and the tank are made of transparent acrylic resin and polished entirely by hand.

The Processing: The creation of this pen is very complex as lava is a very special material that can only be modeled through dedicated machine tools. After processing and before assembly, the parts are polished with special processes that then determine the unique leather / soft effect.

Double Reservoir Power Filling:  Double Reservoir Power Filling is the refill system patented by us in 1998 which marked a real turning point for fountain pen users. This system is in fact able to manage the filling of the writing instrument through two tanks communicating with each other, but at the same time, watertight with each other.

Homo Sapiens Crystal Dream Fountain Pen