Zoom Homo Sapiens Lava Bronze Fountain Pen

Homo Sapiens Lava Bronze Fountain Pen


A fountain pen with an innovative soul, perfect for experiencing a new writing sensation, never experienced before.


Typology: Fountain pen

Colour: Dark gray

Material: Lava

Size: Over

Nib: Au 18kt (large)

Nib colour: Rose gold

Nib tip: EF / F / M / B / S

Filling Mechanism: Power filler

Type of closure: Bayonet

Metalwork: Bronze


Materials: Made up of basaltic lava from Etna and resin, this pen represents an incredibly resistant and original tool.

Closing:  The coupling of the cap is characterized by the bayonet system: to close the pen just perform a slight twist, while to open it just push towards the barrel of the pen and rotate gently.

Processing: For the first time, a material such as lava was used to forge a pen. Through a secret procedure, our artisans combine the basaltic lava of Etna with the resin to obtain an instrument that is surprisingly soft to the touch.

Homo Sapiens Lava Bronze Fountain Pen