Zoom Homo Sapiens Lava Dark Age Fountain Pen

Homo Sapiens Lava Dark Age Fountain Pen


A writing experience that captures the essence of wild and primeval nature.


Typology: Fountain pen

Colour: Dark gray

Material: Lava

Size: Over

Nib: Au 18kt (large)

Nib colour: Ruthenium

Nib tip: EF / F / M / B / S

Filling Mechanism: Power filler

Type of closure: Bayonet

Metalware: Glossy black galvanic treatment


Materials:  We were the first ever to experiment with the use of lava to create a pen. The lava from Etna is transformed into a very thin powder and combined with resin. The pen after processing is soft to the touch. All metal parts have a glossy black protective treatment.

Clip and closure: The pen features our classic bridge clip with laser engraving of the Visconti logo. The closure of the Homo Sapiens Dark Age is made with the characteristic bayonet system, patented by us.

Processing: Lava must be produced in pieces with a maximum length of 8 cm. We work each piece, after its shaping and seasoning, on dedicated machine tools with special characteristics. Before assembly, the parts are polished with special processes which then determine the final leather / soft effect.

Homo Sapiens Lava Dark Age Fountain Pen